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I’m curious and have always wondered where the pixie dust comes from. Now I know–and you can too! If you haven’t see seen my new favorite video yet, you must! Enjoy!

Must-see video: Rayovac Powers Your Imagination

Must-see video: Rayovac Powers Your Imagination

I was in Disneyland in December and think I may have been there the day they taped this commercial.  Here are the pictures I took.  Check out the braid on the absolutely gorgeous horse’s tail!   

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Although it is still before Thanksgiving, my family has already jumped into the Christmas spirit.  While we’re Christmas-loving people and jumping into the magic is certainly not a huge leap for us to take, it is happening a little earlier than usual this year.  Today we went on a mission to find some Christmas magic at Jordan’s Furniture in Avon, MA.  We wanted to view their 1st Annual display of the Enchanted Village vintage collection that they purchased from auction this year.  After they bought it they arranged for the collection to be restored to its former glory.  I was really excited to see the Enchanted Village again.  I have been hearing about this Enchanted Village collection and Jordan Marsh’s blueberry muffins from my grandparents and parents since I was little.  Because of all of the stories that I have heard, I thought this collection had actually been part of my childhood.  But, according to the collection’s signage, Jordan Marsh stopped presenting this collection to the public in 1972 and they didn’t begin displaying it again until 1990 so the display wasn’t really part of my childhood, I only “remembered” it from my family’s pictures and stories.  While I have seen this collection several times over the years, all of my visits must have occurred after 1990.  I know one thing for sure, Jordan’s Furniture’s presentation of this collection far surpasses all others.     

Walking into the store you are immediately transformed into a White Christmas kind of mood.  Here is how they transformed the entrance foyer of Jordan’s Furniture.  301141[1]

Opposite this display was a little kiosk where you could purchase souvenirs and some very special blueberry muffins.  These muffins were baked using the official Jordan Marsh recipe that Jordan Marsh baker, John Pupek, used whenever he was baking those famous Jordan Marsh muffins.  

As we walked into the Enchanted Village we were greeted by falling snow!  Our first “snow” of the season, in fact.  It really made the indoor showcase seem even more Christmasey from the moment we walked in.


The entire room was dripping with the magic of Christmases from the past.  Here is a picture from my favorite scene.  Can you spot the Teddy Bear?  He’s  popping his head out from the chimney.  He must be waiting for the coast to be clear so he can run across the floor and sit under the Christmas Tree to wait to be discovered by a child on Christmas Morning.  How fun it was to watch my girls spot him popping his head out.  I could feel their wonder as they pondered whether that was how Santa’s magic really worked.

The whole collection was rich with details.  I am already planning another trip with my girls, my mom, grandmother and probably others so I can take in more of these little details.   There were so many to see!  Be sure to take your time as you stroll through the collection.  To name a few special details, I saw several references to Jordan’s Furniture, Jordan Marsh, and even a Macy’s reference.  See how many you can spot!

Take a close look at this Teddy Bear.  To me, it looks like a Disney Bear.  Have you seen one?  They have the hidden Mickey lighter colored face.  I am pretty sure that it’s the lighting that is making this Teddy Bear resemble the Disney Bear, but you be the judge.  What do you think?


Here’s what a Jordan Marsh Company bag looked like in the 60s.  Very detailed. 


Here is St. Nicholas getting ready to come meet my girls. 


Here he is with my girls, I’m sure he’s making sure they have been nice.  Even though it is a bit early in the season, Santa wants everyone to know Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night.

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to the wonderful folks at Jordan’s Furniture.  From the woman who helped me with our family photo purchase, who was bubbling over with kindness to her customers and praise for Eliot Tatelman and other Jordan’s Furniture folks, right on up to Eliot Tatelman, who I am sure made the auction purchase and beautiful restoration and display of this collection happen:  my family and I had a wonderful day and we really appreciate that even during a recession you found a way to generate so much Christmas spirit and wonder for the people of New England–for free.  I hope you all have as wonderful of a Christmas as you will certainly be generating for your customers.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

To all New Englanders:  My advice is to visit during the week and as early as you can.  Jordan’s Furniture was busy.  You can tell that the Jordan’s staff has really tried to make your time spent waiting to view this collection fun by setting up TVs which constantly display the Polar Express.  You will find that Jordan’s Furniture’s motto that they are not just a store, they are an experience is certainly true. Be sure to check out their their website for more details about other holiday magic they are hosting.  If you decide to add an experience to your viewing of the Enchanted Village, I recommend purchasing your tickets for that extra experience first and then visiting the Enchanted Village while you’re waiting for your other experience’s show time.  Enjoy!

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273026[1]My Grammy LOVES to come shopping with my girls and me.  She especially loves to come at Christmastime.  She is especially lucky this year considering that the stores started selling Christmas during Halloweentime.  (Can you see the Jack-o-Lanterns in the background of the picture?  I think the stores should wait to put Christmas out until after Halloween!  But, I digress…)  At least Grammy will get some extra Christmas season shopping fun in this year! 

One of our family traditions that I am most proud of is our annual visit to the Christmas aisle where the musical and animated Christmas plush live.  We sure do know how to live it up, folks!!  This year for extra laughs my girls were on a mission to see how many stuffed, Christmas-clad, maracas-shaking, Chihuahuas they could get singing Feliz Navidad in a round.  Oh, the fun we Tinkers dare to dream!  My grandmother was laughing so hard she practically rolled right out of her wheel chair.  The girls were laughing so much that they attracted shoppers from other aisles who were curious about just what was THAT funny.  The crowd was entertained and a good time was had by all.  

One of my favorite moments came later in the checkout line.  There was a Big Burly guy in a leather motorcycle jacket in line in front of us with one of these puppies.  Grammy said to him, “You just HAD to get one for yourself, huh?”  He turned around, bent over and smiled at Grammy while he said in his Big Burly voice, that he was really buying it for his Mom.  Awww.  I’m sure she’ll love it!  🙂    

So as you head out to the malls to do your Christmas shopping, if you need a break, head on over to the Christmas plush aisle and sing a few rounds with the plush.  After all, you know that Tinker Tell’s Grammy and her family know all about how to have a good time!  LOL

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New holes!

Today is Veteran’s Day.  I am so thankful to all of the Veterans, especially the ones in my family, who have served and protected our country.  God bless all of you!  Thank you for your service!  God, please especially bless John who is in there right now.   905554[1]

In honor of Veteran’s Day I was lucky enough to have today off.  Yay!  I got to spend the day with the kiddos!  We took my mom to the mall.  We figured we should do our part to help out our country’s economy today.  Caroline received a “coupon” from my mom for her birthday that could be “cashed” in for a visit to the mall so she could get her ears pierced.  Caroline has been waiting and waiting for a day when we could all go and get her ears pierced.  Today finally came!  We had a great time!  I remeber the day I got my ears pierced and I think Caroline will always remember today.  Boy, she sure did have a great selection of “piercing earrings” to choose from.   I remember when I got my ears pierced there were not many colors or styles to choose from.  But today, there are so many!  In fact, she had a really tough time deciding which pair she wanted.  She carefully selected these little golden beauties for piercing and they (of course) were having a sale and got another pair for later.  I think they look so cute on her! 


Kaitlin had a big day, too!  She brought some of her birthday money with her in hopes of finding some new Tinker Bell toys or treasures.   She sure did find some.  She got a new pillow and sleeping blanket set that is ADORABLE and an AWESOME Tinker Bell treasures balloon playset that came with a new version of Terrence, Tink’s friend.  Kaitlin is going to swoon and faint if she gets to meet Terrence when we next get to go to Pixie Hollow at WDW.  

The best part of our ToysRUs trip was getting this Tinker Bell balloon lantern for free today.  Check your local store to see if they have this lantern and if you can get one for free when you pick out some other Tinker Bell treasures.  It is SO cute and she just loved going to sleep with it tonight! 

Kaitlin also lost a lower tooth today.  The Tooth Fairy might be on her way here even as I write this now!  I just hope her new lantern doesn’t scare the Tooth Fairy away.  We are thinking that the Tooth Fairy might even like the lantern.  It might just help her find that silly old tooth!  😉

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Well, I should have known something was off when I banged my elbow so hard this morning that I still can’t touch or bend it without wincing.  But, being the trooper I am I continued to get the kids and me ready for school and work so we could go out into the world on-time and embrace our day.  Well, almost, anyway.  As we are all heading out the door Kaitlin says “Wait where is my homework?”  I’m thinking that I don’t know where it is as I was helping Caroline with hers last night.  Being the helpful Mom, I ask, “What did you do with it after you showed it to Daddy?”  Now, wait for the answer…..”I don’t know.”   Of course!

Well, since I know there are only three places it could be:  in her school paper bin, her bag, or in the recycle treasures bucket, I start looking for it.  Many minutes later after checking all three places I still didn’t have the elusive piece of paper.  (Which I had never even seen.) 

Wait, what is that on the floor next to Daddy’s chair…

So we missed the bus and now we are all late.  I collect my hugs and kisses and finally get the kids off to school and then head onto the highway to get to the city so I can get to work.  All of a sudden I start to slow down.  Oh no!  I am out of gas.  I coast and coast along hoping that one of the Massachusetts-not-good-for-much-rest-areas comes along.  I am quite thankful that I have found one and I stop the car and reach for my purse when …  Oh no!  I FORGOT MY CELL PHONE.  Unbelieveable!  Well now I just plain feel naked because I don’t have my phone because I’m freezing!  It’s the coldest day so far this fall and I realize all I have on for warmth is a lightweight fall coat.  I can’t believe it.  Well, what to do now?  I keep telling myself that I should be thankful that I found one of the Massachusetts-not-good-for-much-rest-areas and I am trying to be thankful.  I look across both highways and can see I’m near the mall.  The MALL!   I suddenly want to leave my car and run across both highways, hop the fence, and just call it a day by spending the rest of it shopping.  Who could blame me?  I SO DESERVED TO DO THAT, BTW.  But no, I stay with my car, and pray for some normal, nice, person to stop and offer their assistance  cell phone so I can call AAA.  BTW, I realized today why they are called AAA.  It is because whenever anyone really needs them and they finally arrive, the customer says “AAAaaaahhhh” to themselves (with a choir of angels in the background) when they finally appear in the rear-view mirror.

However, today they didn’t need to appear.  A very nice State Trooper stopped and said he would call them for me, but in the mean while, an even nicer man (because he actually had gasoline 😉 ) in a “Commerce Insurance Highway Assistance” program van came and gave me some gas and saved my day so I could get to work.  He must be from the AAAH company!  🙂

His little pearl of wisdom for me (which I totally deserved at this time).  You know E doesn’t stand for enough? 

Next up, I get gas at a gas station and I start driving into work .  I am trying to figure out how on earth I let myself run out of gas…and all of a sudden I remember how yesterday evening went.  I worked a half day because I had to leave early to drive many miles to get home from city + practically back into the city with Kaitlin so she could get her vaccine because she couldn’t get it when we were at the Dr.’s last Saturday because we found out she had Strep on that visit, again!  I couldn’t get gas before getting home to pick her up because I was so late getting home with the traffic.  And, I couldn’t get gas going to back into the city to the Dr.’s because SHE CRIED THE WHOLE RIDE about having to get the shot.  Then I couldn’t get gas on the way home from Dr.’s because she was still crying because her arm hurt and she was “STARVING”. 

I figured I should just get gas in the morning “when everything has settled down”.   

Hopefully you had a better day!  At least mine ended well.  🙂

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