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I’m curious and have always wondered where the pixie dust comes from. Now I know–and you can too! If you haven’t see seen my new favorite video yet, you must! Enjoy!

Must-see video: Rayovac Powers Your Imagination

Must-see video: Rayovac Powers Your Imagination

I was in Disneyland in December and think I may have been there the day they taped this commercial.  Here are the pictures I took.  Check out the braid on the absolutely gorgeous horse’s tail!   

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Jiminy Cricket

It was an honor to meet Eddie Carroll this past December.  I got to tell him this story about my daughter and Jiminy Cricket which he really enjoyed.  I remember his wife Carolyn looked at him and told him to always remember my story.  He made such a difference.  I’m glad I got to tell Eddie that I thought he made a big difference for children of all ages everywhere.  He liked hearing that.  The world has lost a true legend.

The story I told Eddie may be found here:  https://tinkertell.wordpress.com/2008/06/06/did-you-know-before-walt-disney-plussed-pinocchio-jiminy-was-slated-to-be-squashed/ 

Here is the video of him telling the story about how he knows that Dreams Do Come True because it was his childhood dream to be Jiminy Cricket.  Here he tells the story of how he became Jiminy, how he lived his life and what means the most to him now, including his battle with cancer and support for St. Jude’s Hospital for Children.  Watch and believe. . .

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The first outside presenter for the most magical conference on earth, Disney’s Social Media Moms Celebration, was Guy Kawasaki.  He spoke to us while we were having breakfast INSIDE of the rotunda at Epcot’s American Adventure Pavilion!  Guy is a social media guru who has come to find that he LOVES twitter.  At first he wasn’t really sure about it but he has since come around and is now teaching others how they can effectively use twitter.  Guy Kawasaki is a founding partner at Garage and co-founder of Alltop.  Alltop is an online magazine rack.  He thinks if we try Innovation.alltop, we will love it.  Among many other things, Guy is the author of nine books and his most recent one is Reality Check.  

I learned more about twitter and social media in an hour with @GuyKawasaki than I did on my own for the last 9 months.  He really showed a whole new world to me and helped me to better connect the fragments of information that I had discovered on my own.  It really all starts with www.search.twitter.com  This little URL is one mighty powerful tool!  I never even knew it existed before.  And you know what?  It becomes even more powerful when its advanced search capabilities are utilized.   www.search.twitter.com is easy to use, having a twitter account isn’t even necessary.  Just visit, pick a topic, and bamm, you’ll instantly be able to get the pulse of the people.  It’s that simple.  Twitter really is universally useful! 

If customers and companies ask the right questions (read: run the right searches), then they would be able to use twitter to better plan their actions because there would be fewer unknowns. 

If companies build up and nurture their followers, then they will have a pool of people who can quickly receive messages.  This is valuable because, for example, a company could sell overstock more cheaply because they wouldn’t have to advertise a sale event or pay middle-men to move the merchandise from their stockroom to store shelves. 

Companies can increase their bottom line by being mobile.  Companies can save by not having a storefront.  Then they can use twitter to keep their customers informed as to where they will be selling their merchandise that day.  This mobility would allow the company to increase their number of potential customers because each selling site that they visit would have its own number of potential customers.  If the company has 7 selling sites and each selling site has a number of potential customers, then the company has increased their pool of potential customers by a factor of 7.  An interesting example of this was with @kogibbq.  He said they have 55,000 twitter followers.  Each morning they tweet the time and location where they will sell lunches and they can expect 50-100 people to be waiting and hungry for lunch when they show up at their tweeted location of the day. 

The search.twitter.com tool helps both customers and brands.  Customers can choose which company is going to be best for them and brands can benefit by searching for unhappy customers to try to publicly rectify the situation.  Showing your customers that you care is always a good thing!   

Twitter can help build local businesses.  Some twitter users search for tweets that are related to their service that originate from a place near their zipcode.  They then initiate contact with the tweeter and offer their services. 

He said to build a large following you need to have interesting tweets.  He said they don’t all have to be your own tweets.  Seek out good ones and tweet them each 4 times a day.  He said that tweeting 25 interesting bits of information 4 times each per day is a great way to build a large following.  It is also important to engage your following.  You need to interact with them!  For more information check out: http://bagtheweb.com/b/4QfhjBOseBAF   Thanks, Guy!!

Wondering what will happen tomorrow.  That’s my best kept secret.  See ya real soon!

*Disclosure: I attended the Disney Social Media Moms conference, for which I paid I fee, but received a great trip to Walt Disney World.  Disney did not tell me what to say, nor require anything from me in exchange for the benefit I received.

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Wow!  Those were some fantastic announcements, huh?  Once the announcements were made the people started to flow out of the Milk House.  Mickey sent lots of Cast Members over to lead us all to the room where the Tailgate Family Dinner Party would take place.  Take a look at this room.  It’s Disney-style HUGE!  As soon as I entered I was greeted by Cast Members serving drinks.  Many food and drink stations were also set up throughout the facility.  There was a sea of red-covered tables.  At the front of the room was a stage where all of the children would later dance, sing and play with a super-fun entertainer.  Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale were all circulating the room.  They came ready to party all dressed up in their athletic gear.  They really were ADORABLE!  Seeing as I didn’t bring my hubby or kids with me on this trip, I decided to find other families who might not mind “adopting me”.  I really enjoyed when I got to see a child meet a character for their first time ever!  I was surprised at how many times this happened.  There were lots of happy kids here tonight!!  Here are some character pictures from that night.  Donald keeps telling the others he’s number 1.  Chip and Dale almost gave him a penalty!  😉

Chip and Dale







The kids danced the night away on the stage.


Then the cast of High School Musical 3 came out to entertain the crowd.


This was my first ever mommy blogger conference experience.   I had wondered what it would be like and I am SO happy to say that I had THE BEST time!  Even though most of the moms brought their families with them, I found lots of smiling people who wanted to chat and was able to make plenty of connections.   

Boy, are you in for a treat, if a sporting competition will be bringing you to this complex in the future.  Be ready to have some real fun!  The ESPN Wide World of Sports is sure to give you the best possible experience!  Now go teams go!

But…all good parties must come to an end at some point.  And this one did eventually, too.  After this event was over, we boarded motor coaches and were returned to the Polynesian Resort.  I walked over the Polynesian’s tikki-torch-lit resort grounds onto its beautiful beach and watched the Electrical Water Pageant, even though it was chilly.  After that, I decided to go to Downtown Disney for a little shopping. 


Wait until you hear about the breakfast and conference I had first thing the next day.  Whoa!!  🙂 

*Disclosure: I attended the Disney Social Media Moms conference, for which I paid I fee, but received a great trip to Walt Disney World.  Disney did not tell me what to say, nor require anything from me in exchange for the benefit I received.

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WDW’s Polynesian Resort is SUCH a relaxing resort. 
Doesn’t it look heavenly…inside and out?  I just loved it!  Ahhh.


You see to get to that little piece of heaven, I needed to get to the Walt Disney World Resort.  Flying there on the morning of February 10th wasn’t as easy as it should have been because of a snow storm.  I made a deal with Mother Nature and she came through for me!  After a “nailbiter” of a morning trying to fly out of Boston and beat the incoming snow, I happily landed in Orlando, Florida where I was magically whisked off to the Walt Disney World Resort by a Magical Express Motor Coach which dropped me off at the lush, relaxing and absolutely gorgeous Polynesian Resort.  There I was greeted with super-friendly “Alohas” and even given a lei to wear.  Have you ever been to Walt Disney World Resort’s Polynesian Resort?  If not, it is a must-visit!  It is truly breathtaking!!  I was in the door and my Disney’s Social Media Moms Celebration weekend was officially kick-started!   Woohoo!!

After checking into my room, I headed to the hospitality suite where I was given a bag filled to the brim with pixie dust by Maria Bailey’s MomSelect team.  While there, I got to meet some of the her Mom Select staffers and I even happened to bump into Walt Disney World Moms Panelist, Zanna and Walt Disney World Social Media Queen, Leanne. 

I hadn’t even reached my room yet and had already been greeted with more smiles than I could count.  I was in heaven!  I lingered in the hospitality suite and met some more new friends and then I headed off to my room to drop off my suitcase because it was almost time to meet a motor coach which would take us to our first adventure: a visit to the soon-to-be-relaunched ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex! 

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex


We were going to get to see the results of its re-imagining project which involved ESPN and the Disney sports complex.  It boasts “a new welcome center, a digital center where video captured by 56 high-definition robotic and handheld cameras across the 220-acre sports campus is edited for display on 40 video screens and two “jumbotrons” throughout the complex as part of a veritable Wide World of SportsCenter, and the new ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill.”  All of these added bells and whistles will insure that all athletes, no matter how old or young are totally immersed in an unsurpassed Disney-ESPN-Sports environment where everyone can feel like a winner!   This pixie dusted complex is uniquely able to provide athletes with a sports experience that is unmatched.  All of the complex’s super-technical equipment will give athletes a truly unforgettable experience because the technology that surrounds them will make them feel like they have made to the “big-time”.  Disney will be making a real difference in the kind of experience these athletes have!  


Taking a walk out back of the facility I found one of these little beauties.  Can you spot the not-so-hidden Mickey here?

I bet you’re wondering “What’s New What’s Next” about now.  I know I was!  I’ll have to let you know next time.  Sorry 🙂  I’ll leave you with a picture of the stage.

*Disclosure: I attended the Disney Social Media Moms conference, for which I paid I fee, but received a great trip to Walt Disney World.  Disney did not tell me what to say, nor require anything from me in exchange for the benefit I received.

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Muffins fit for a Mouse


While I am not the best baker or cook, I sure can “Wow” my kids with goodies that look exciting!  Who wouldn’t love to have one of these Mickey muffins in the morning?  I know that my kids are sure going to love them.   

The best part:  they are SO easy to make.  The trick is really just having the right pan.  Buy a pan that make you smile and you might be surprised at how much you use it!  

I LOVE my Mickey Mouse 1995 Wilton cupcake pan that my mom gave me.  Special pans make great gifts!   Happy baking with the kids!  and eating, too  🙂

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Mickey Moms In-home Party


Who doesn’t love to get mail from Disney!  While Disney mail is always great, it doesn’t hold a candle to this Big Red Mickey Moms Club box that I received!  Whoa!  It was chock full of fun and guaranteed that my Mickey Moms Club party was sure to be a success.  While the perfect party was a no-brainer the timing proved to be a bit tricky.  The first party I planned needed to be postponed because both girls came down with Strep Throat.  Moving the party to the end of October so we could have it on Halloween seemed to be the perfect solution!  

As the party approached the girls and I planned out our food, we paper-punched out hundred of Mickeys, and we thought of some extra things we could do with our guests.  We were so excited!  When Halloween morning finally arrived my youngest was still getting over a cold she had had all week.  I brought the girls to their Irish Step Dancing classes in the morning and then we went to the Dr.’s to to get a vaccine and also make sure Kaitlin was OK.  Even though Kaitlin had had no fever all week, I found out that she had Strep Throat again!  I couldn’t believe it.  She got another prescription for an antibiotic and we headed home.  Now it was only a half hour before our guests were coming.  Yikes!  What to do with sick Kaitlin right before the party?  Well, I decided to drop Kaitie off at my mother’s house.   I bet you can imagine how sad she was to miss out on our Mickey Moms Club Halloween Party that she had been planning with me (twice now) for over a month.  Even though she was sad, she didn’t want to make anyone else sick so she went to Nana’s and I headed home to get ready to welcome our guests!


Goodies galore!

Everything looked so pretty all laid out on the table.  We scattered our paper-punched Mickeys all over the table and the goodies.

I put the Vacation Planning DVD on while everyone was arriving.  While we had some drinks and a snack we played with the Trivia cards.  The Trivia cards came in handy while I was getting everything out of the oven.  We could all chat in the kitchen and participate while I was setting out the hot dishes. 

IMG_4602My plan was to make 2 small and 1 big of these yunny hot dishes and then put them out in Mickey formation, but my timing was a bit off and they weren’t all ready at the same time so I ended up having to serve them separately.  Hopefully you can picture what I was trying to do.  We had lots of Mickey or round shaped food for the kids, too.   Mickey chicken fingers and bagel bites served in a trio were hits with the kids! 


I almost have it!

We played Bingo.  That was the most fun I have had playing Bingo in forever!  I love taking a tried-and-true game and making it fun by adding in some Disney characters.  It really freshens up the whole game! 


What is your favorite color?

The Wish Makers were a real treat! The kids loved playing that game and mushing the Wish Maker open and closed.  The funniest wish I saw was on my daughter’s Wish Maker.  She wrote “You will be a DVC owner!”.  I thought that was a great wish.  It was so funny to see her explaing to the kids what DVC is!  🙂 


May I have the blue, please?

While some were still snacking, some of the Pirates and Princesses (all dressed up for Hallowen) colored Disney pictures.  Funny how kids for ever have loved crayons!   (and lipstick ;))

I popped Jeff Lange’s version of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party’s Boo to You parade in the DVD player next.  The kids liked to see their characters all dressed up.  I was so glad that the parents got to see how elaborate Disney’s parades are.  They seemed to really like the parade!  I know I LOVE MNSSHP and the Boo to You parade is awesome! 


Getting ready to Trick or Treat

Here are some of the older kids that stayed to go Trick or Treating later that night.  BOO! 


Feeling better after a little Trick or Treating

Last but not least.  Kaitlin got to come home.   We sure did miss her! She missed the party but she didn’t miss out on all of the fun.   A girl has to do a little Trick or Treating even if she is sick (and on antibiotics) right?!  A couple of the kids stayed later and they had some fun playing Toy Story Mania on the Wii!  That has to be the best Wii game ever! 

Happy Halloween and Happy Mickey Moms Club party. 

Have you booked your next Walt Disney World Vacation?  There is no better time than right now!  Would you more information about recipes, ideas activities, and the possibility of hosting your own Mickey Moms Club party.  Contact MomSelect for more details.  Thank you MomSelect for this opportunity!

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