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Jiminy Cricket

It was an honor to meet Eddie Carroll this past December.  I got to tell him this story about my daughter and Jiminy Cricket which he really enjoyed.  I remember his wife Carolyn looked at him and told him to always remember my story.  He made such a difference.  I’m glad I got to tell Eddie that I thought he made a big difference for children of all ages everywhere.  He liked hearing that.  The world has lost a true legend.

The story I told Eddie may be found here:  https://tinkertell.wordpress.com/2008/06/06/did-you-know-before-walt-disney-plussed-pinocchio-jiminy-was-slated-to-be-squashed/ 

Here is the video of him telling the story about how he knows that Dreams Do Come True because it was his childhood dream to be Jiminy Cricket.  Here he tells the story of how he became Jiminy, how he lived his life and what means the most to him now, including his battle with cancer and support for St. Jude’s Hospital for Children.  Watch and believe. . .


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