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It’s hard to believe that it was almost one year ago that my girls started their journey with Irish Step dancing.  And, today we added to our annual Irish tradition repertoire by attending our first-ever Winter Ceili.   I had to laugh when someone pointed out that we weren’t at a <seeli> that we were at a <kaylee>.  Normally I would think they would have been able to see that I was just “green” but I’m not sure she would have thought I was exactly “green” at this Irish party. 

One of the things that I have learned to love most about this expensive wonderful experience is the community.  The school that we were lucky enough to join is exceptional.  I am so glad that we found out about it when we did.  My girls have always loved to dance.  And while they never really knew what Irish Step Dancing was, they were always making up their own steps and doing them all the time, everywhere. When we watched Riverdance with the girls, they were both floored and they begged for lessons.  They practice so much.  Both girls have come so far in this past year.  I am grateful I was able to find them an activity that so clearly makes their hearts sing.  That’s a feeling that I can totally understand!  

Today was the pinnacle of all the experiences I’ve had watching my girls advance in the school.  Today, my youngest, the girl who practically cried for her whole first year, the girl who wouldn’t let go of my leg let alone speak to another person, the girl who was afraid of every noise and has still not ridden Goofy’s Barnstormer, the one who still can’t stand without practically being held during fireworks won the one and only Sunshine Award for her school!  Her teachers said that she won this award because she brings an incredible amount of sunshine into her class.  And that she uses her best manners, thinks of others first, sand has made friends with all the girls.  They love that she always comes in happy and ready for her class to begin.  While I know that the teachers love all of their children, this year I am incredibly honored that it was my little girl who they chose to recognize for her happy positive spirit.  And for this I am ever so grateful.


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My oldest and I made this snowmouse Mickey in our yard with some of the snow we received recently.   Be sure to make time to do lots of little things with your family this year.  It makes a difference!

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