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Welcome to my blog!  Newbie Kristenc here, and a little late at that.  I just made myself a blog as I thought it would be fun to join your Disney fun; I hope I am not intruding.  I see many of you have already met online or in the real world.  Hopefully you believe the more the merrier, as I do.  I marvel at the caliber of all of your blog layout designs, they look great!  I can see I have lots of additions to make here! 

Jennifer’s theme this week is to write about a magical Disney moment.  I have lots of favorite experiences with Disney magic.  I picked this one because it increased my oldest daughter’s belief in herself.  Disney Cast Members have always been instrumental in making magic for my family.  I wish all of the Cast Members could see the positive impacts they have made in our lives.  They’re a bunch of super special people!

One night, two Cast Members, Jeff and Nicolette, spotted our daughter awaiting the Spectromagic Parade. They walked over, kneeled down to her level, and asked her some questions. They went on to say that Mickey needed her help. All of the lights up and down Main Street USA needed to be turned off so the parade could begin. Mickey wanted her to use his magic to blow them out. Imagine that, a little girl starting the parade! While waiting for their queue, she looked around noticing how many lights there were leading to the Castle. She asked us if we thought she could blow them all out. Their gift rolled into the perfect opportunity for us to teach her the importance of believing. We told her that if she believes she can with all her heart, then she will make it happen. She watched for their signal and when the time came she walked over to them. When queued, she blew with all her might. This extinguished the lights and the parade appeared in the distance. These moments were forever frozen in time for this awestruck little girl who believed she could, and her very happy family.


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Stay tuned for much more to come in the future.

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